Sanasar is situated about 17 kms from Patnitop, along the National Highway 1A. It nestles at an altitude of 2,050 mts above sea level, on a cup-shaped meadow and derived its name from several small local lakes dotted around it.

Sanasar is also a name given to the two villages in Jammu and Kashmir referred to as ‘Sana’ and ‘Sar’, respectively. These villages are situated about 20 kms west of Patnitop and are easily accessible via the National Highway 1A.

Sanasar is often referred to as the hub for adventure sports and outdoor activities in the region of Jammu and Kashmir. En Route to Sanasar is Natha Top, which commands a stunning scenic view of the mighty Kishtwar Ranges of the Himalayas as well as the lower level of the Shivalik range.

From Natha Top, you can easily view the Brahma Massif, featuring prominent peaks named as Flat Top and Brahma 1 and 2, respectively. About 8 kms from Natha Top and further down the road, you will notice Shanta Ridge, a mountain range to the right hand and as you continue further ahead, you arrive at Sanasar.

A few hours of trek from Sanasar is the famous Shank Pal Temple, located atop the highest point of Ridge named Shank Pal, and perched at an altitude of 2,800 meters above sea level. This is a 400-year-old ancient temple which is dedicated to Nag Shank Pal and its unique feature is the absence of mortar, which is normally used to join the Temple stones.

Along the Shanta Ridge is the Shanta Gala Pass that offers stunning views of the Panchari Valley, situated on the other side of the ridge. This pass leads you to the Lander area, a must-visit.

Sanasar is also referred to as the ‘Mini Gulmarg’; however, as opposed to Gulmarg, this valley is quiet remote yet wonderfully beautiful in its own right. Owing to its remote location in Jammu & Kashmir, Sanasar offers the perfect escape for a relaxing one-day excursion from Srinagar.

Sanasar is in fact built like a cup-shaped meadow which is surrounded by gigantic and tall conifers. This region was recently developed as a golf course for tourists and to boost its Tourism worth. On an excursion to Sanasar, you can indulge in outdoor activities like parasailing, paragliding, and horse riding as well. These adventure sports activities are operated by the J&K government authorities and the J&K Tourism Center.

Eco-Adventure activities in Sanasar are also available for tourists to indulge in such as Tandem Paragliding Joyrides, a sport introduced by the Extreme Himalayan Adventures Association. Tandem paragliding joyride involves a Pilot and Passenger on a low-level flying joyride. The take-off area is situated near the parking lot while the flight path is located over the Sanasar Lake and the landing area is amidst a soft meadow spanning below. The Tandem Paragliding Joyride in Sanasar is a short one-minute flight that attains a maximum altitude of about 1500 feet to 2000 feet, making this, one of the safest and most enjoyable paragliding experiences, for all tourists visiting Sanasar in India.

Sanasar is in fact the second site to offer Tandem Paragliding with the first being Solang Nullah in Manali, India. Tandem paragliding can also be enjoyed from a higher altitude with the highest flying site situated at Natha Top that offers between 8 and 10 minutes of joyride, entirely dependent on the current wind condition. The altitude ranges between 1500 to 2000 feet high, to offer tourists with the best tandem paragliding experience. You can access the take-off area which is situated near the road uphill while the landing site is below. A tourist is assured with complete safety being of paramount importance and hence, is never compromised at any cost.

Sanasar also offers Wilderness Adventure Camps that commence about 4 years ago and was established by the Extreme Himalayan Adventures Association in collaboration with the Jammu Tourism Department. This group works towards promoting and offering wilderness adventure camping as well as adventure sports to all tourists. Each camp can accommodate up to 100 participants that includes boarding and loading facilities.

Rock climbing in Sanasar is another activity to look forward to. The rock climbing site is situated amongst the high conifers that offer one of the natural sites for climbing. Abseiling in Sanasar allows you to enjoy a 25-foot over the edge descent almost landing on a rock face with the assistance of a rope, a trust exercise indeed.

For the ones less inclined in adventures, Sanasar offers ample opportunities for nature walks, and short treks. A variety in traditional Indian cuisines inclusive of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights, are also available to savour after an enjoyable Shopping spree in Sanasar.

Ensure that you wear cottons in summers, and heavy woolens in winters when visiting Sanasar as temperatures can plunge to zero degree C. Accommodation in Sanasar is also available at J&K TDC self-contained huts and tourist bungalows only. Comfortable units are well equipped with beds, blankets, and basic modern amenities for all tourists.

The best time to visit Sanasar is between May and June and from September-October and the most convenient means of arriving at Sanasar is by hiring a taxi from Jammu, about 119 km from Sanasar, at reasonable rates from Jammu Tawi Railway Station, the nearest railhead.

Sanasar is a place worth exploring for those who want to experience nature in its best form. This scenic town is blessed with conifers and gentle green meadows, now converted into a golf course and hence, is aptly referred to as the hub for adventure sports and outdoor activities with ample opportunities for Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Camping, Trekking, Paragliding, and nature walks.

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