Shahi Hamdan Mosque

Shahi Hamdan is an ancient mosque in Srinagar, Kashmir situated on the banks of the River Jhelum, placed just between the 3rd and 4th bridge that stretches over this river.

Shahi Hamdan was the first mosque to be established in the capital city of Srinagar of Kashmir; however, the original Masjid was constructed way back in 1395 AD.

Shah Hamadan was originally referred to as Mir Sayed Ali Hamadni, a surname that was derived from the Hamadan City situated in Persia. This mosque is known to have been dedicated to Shah-i-Hamdan, a preacher from Persia who visited Kashmir during the 13th Century and was responsible for spreading the word of Islam all across this region and especially within the valley of Kashmir.

Khanqah-e-Molla, a religious and pilgrim site situated on the riverbanks of Jhelum is the actual spot where Shah-i-Hamdan would often visit to offer his prayers. He resided in Kashmir for several years preaching the teachings of Islam after which He left to embark on a long journey to Central Asia by crossing through Ladakh.

There is another ancient mosque that was established by him at Shey, a small town situated near Leh in Ladakh of J&K that attracts a large crowd of devotees, believers, and followers from all walks of life and from near, far and beyond to visit this sanctuary and offer their obeisance.

The Khanqah-e-Molla is an ancient wooden structure that features a distinct aesthetic appeal revealing exquisitely carved eaves and hanging bells while its interiors are beautifully painted, intricately carved, and decorated with antique chandeliers that reflects the elegance and grandeur of this religious site, a must-see, after you pay a visit to the Shahi Hamdan Mosque.

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