Nagin Lake

Nagin Lake, known as an independent lake, is actually a part of Dal Lake. It is conveniently interconnected by a small causeway that is accessible only to bikers and pedestrians, hence, making it even more attractive and quieter for tourist visits.

The causeway that connects Dal Lake and Nagin Lake is fed by a water channel pipeline that connects to the city of Srinagar towards the eastern end. The banks of Nagin Lake are fringed by the famous Shankaracharya Hill, also referred to as Takht-e-Suleiman towards the southern end and by Hari Parbat towards the western end.

Nagin Lake, in fact, nestles at the foot of the Zabarwan Range and is flanked by Willow and Poplar trees fringed along the riverbank edges that add to the scenic charm of the lake.

Aptly named as the 'Jewel in a Ring', Nagin Lake can be touted as one of the most beautiful Lakes in India. This Lake has emerged as one of the most visited lakes in India and thus earned the name for its popularity status amongst locals and tourists alike who thoroughly enjoy its serene ambience and magnificently alluring surroundings.

The name, “Nagin’ means ‘Snake’, and was derived from the numerous trees that encircle this pristine lake like a snake. Apart from its intricately woven verdant surroundings, Nagin Lake also features a number of fascinating Shikara Boats for boating activities and several Kashmiri Houseboats that are conveniently secured around its perimeter offering accommodation needs to any tourist looking for a unique vacation stay experience on a Lake in Kashmir.

These Houseboats on Nagin Lake are unbelievably romantic in its own right and are just right for newly-weds and couples on their honeymoon vacation in Kashmir. Swimming, Boating, and Water skiing can be enjoyed during the summers only, as the winter turns this Lake into an icy cold platform making it unbearable for anyone to swim or enjoy any water sports.

From Nagin Lake, you can enjoy a small trek up to the foothills of the majestic Zabarwan Mountain Ranges, situated to the east of Srinagar casting its shadows over this isolated and charming Lake, offering one of the most surreal effects to witness and experience in person.

The stunning scenery and ethereal landscape of this place is absolutely appealing to any visitor, made even more attractive by the meandering scatter of willow and salicaceous trees. Moreover, the unique Venetian-style Shikara boat rides and the houseboats equipped with electricity, modern facilities inclusive of elegantly furnished bedrooms, washrooms, dining area, lounge area, and much more, do add to your holiday experience in Kashmir, making you come back for more delights.

Staying within the precincts of Nagin Lake offers a real getaway from the chaotic city life and gives way for any city dweller to enjoy nature and its surroundings that is more serene and isolated, when compared to Dal Lake. You can also hire a rowboat from the camping site and enjoy rowing around the pristine Nagin Lake while soaking up its fresh air and lush environ.

The water of Nagin Lake is deeper and cleaner, making it excellent for swimming. For sports enthusiasts, fiberglass sailing boats and water skiing facilities are available on hire. Also, the motorboats available in Nagin Lake are low-powered for skiing but do make a valiant attempt to provide you with a satisfactory experience. However, people enjoying water-ski must keep an eye, not to bump into any swimmer, and likewise, swimmers must look out for boat divers to ensure prompt assistance, in case an unwarranted incident occurs.

On the riverbanks of Nagin Lake is a Nagin Club House, a branch of Srinagar Club, that features an in-house Tea Pavilion and bar where tourists, on temporary membership basis, can enjoy beverages while enjoying views of the activities on the Lake and visually exploring the lush surroundings of the Lake area.

Local people retail flowers and commodities, on their floating market boats, as you glide along the Nagin Lake on a Shikara or while staying in a houseboat. Commodities retailed range from exquisitely woven Kashmiri Carpets, Tibetan Jewellery, Kashmiri Arts & Handicrafts, and several other related items.

The summer of Kashmir welcomes a gush of visitors who enjoy the valley’s tempting climate and the pleasantly cool waters of Nagin Lake, equipped with water sport facilities to look forward to. The small island nestling at the heart of Nagin Lake features a Shopping center, which can be accessed by a boat. You can also make a stop-over at this island, during your boat ride, to enjoy a shopping spree.

Nagin Lake receives a large influx of local visitors and tourists during the months of June and August, the peak tourist season in Kashmir, hence, if you are planning a trip to Kashmir during this period, do book your accommodation and sightseeing tours in advance.

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