Mountain Cycling and Biking in Kashmir

The Mountains and Hilly terrain of Kashmir offer ample opportunities for cyclists to test their skills and endure challenging routes and sturdy terrains to be conquered just within a few days that can last from 9 days to 15 days in one biking expedition trip.

Mountain Biking has always been a pleasurable activity for someone who enjoys nature and outdoor activities. Cycling up a mountain or downhill through the scenic countryside of Kashmir on your bicycle is the most thrilling sports. Cycling over gentle slopes or a rugged terrain, mountain biking offers you with the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite ride as you explore the contours of the mighty and breathtaking Himalayan ranges.

An ideal blend of the right aptitude, passion and energy is all it takes to enjoy a mountain biking expedition in the Himalayas that is sure to offer you the thrill of stiff climbs and some of the best downhill runs you can come across in the world. The Himalayan Ranges is definitely the ideal adventure destination for all adventure seekers.

Some of the best routes to traverse through by mountain biking is a run through the village life of Kashmir and Ladakh and especially the cycling through the ancient Trans-Himalayan Traders route which is a must to experience. This is the only way for you to truly enjoy the timeless Kashmir culture and spot glimpses of a rich flora and fauna population as you explore the wonders of the Valley of Kashmir.

Kashmir Valley is well linked to the other surrounding regions via metalled roads that runs over notable passes such as the Banihal pass [9,291 feet], and the Zojila Pass [12,400 feet] to mention a few. Roads that run through passes offer an excellent mountain biking and cycling expedition terrain. A bracing climate with views of hamlets, shepherds with their sheep grazing on green gentle meadows, sparkling pristine water streams, rich paddy fields, village markets, and thick woods, all form a part of what you get to witness making for an enormous thrilling and challenging trip as you mountain bike across such wonders of this valley.

Mountain biking thus allows you to view a different aspect of the exotic Himalayas and view unexplored sights and hidden trails that run through seldom visited rural villages, experience the heritage of Kashmir in its ancient monuments and Buddhist monasteries, and explore the wonders of the Lidder Valley, and the Sindh Valley as well. You also get the bonus of warm smiles from the local villagers of Kashmir who still live a traditional, preserved, and very simple life.

It is no doubt that Mountain Cycling is indeed one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities in Kashmir to indulge in during your stay in this beautiful valley. However, it is more important to note that while mountain biking can be fun, you would still need the necessary equipments and food supplies for your journey.  The best way to carry along all the necessary equipments and the food supplies is in a van following your bike while you get to completely immerse yourself in the scenic views as you peddle through the high mountains of the Himalayas.

Ensure that your mountain bike is fitted with multi-speed gears and water bottle cages where you can fit in at least a few water bottles, get a bicycle helmet for protection, wear tights with a t-shirt, and windcheater to keep you warm, and last ensure that you are in a good level of fitness to be able to endure uphill climbs and high altitude ranges. Also carry along necessary tools to enable repair work and a spare set of brake shoes.

Kashmir Snow Festival organises a three-day Snow cycling event which is the prime attraction of luring people to Kashmir. About 25 mountain riders partake in this event while a large crowd of enthusiastic spectators cheer on to motivate them. Another Mountain Cycling Tour begins from Srinagar to end at Leh. This is a 17-day tour of which 11 days are reserved for only cycling. The event is held from June to September that offers bracing climatic condition with temperature ranging between 30° C and 10° C.

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