Grave of Moses

The Grave of Moses is a much disputed aspect in Kashmir, however, research and analysis proves the existence of Moses’ last resting place as being amidst the Land of beauty and abundant natural blessings.

Placed in Bandipore in Kashmir Moses' grave quietly sits on a hillside between the two mountain gaps, a passage through which the River Jhelum flows ahead. You can enjoy a quiet time sitting on the edge of this ancient and mystical Grave of Moses, who is known as the Father of the Universe.

Gazing down the Jhelum River from the Grave of Moses offers a peaceful and almost surreal experience as never seen or felt anywhere else. Being a secluded space amidst the turmoil of this region, Moses’ Grave stands as testimony to the existence of mankind during an era when peace, brotherhood, and God’s commandments were highly adhered to with utmost obeisance.

One must abandon his or her vehicle within a valley that spans next to the Jhelum River and go by foot in order to enter this remote place. You need to cross a small wooden bridge stretched at the lower levels of the river and then hike up into the woods that spans high above. You will arrive at a large opening that conforms from the east to west direction. This area is surrounded by rocks, a number of monkeys who scamper about probably as guardians of the Grave of Moses.

As you walk further, you will notice a large rock slab embedded deeply with just a small portion of its end sprouting out visibly above the dirt symbolizing a typical grave of the Hebrew seen amidst the Indian Himalayan ranges, which is awe inspiring indeed.

This large embedded rock is the ancient and highly revered Grave of Moses standing still in the open against the stunning picturesque Mountain ranges as the ideal tranquil backdrop. To one edge of the grave, you will notice wind horses, also referred to as the prayer flags that indicates the sacredness of this Grave.

The fresh prayer flags also indicate that the local people of Kashmir often pay their visit to this magnificent and unbelievable edifice to offer prayers and seek for Moses’ blessings. They would tear a piece of their clothing and leave it on the Grave as a mark of offering and so must anyone do when they visit this surreal Grave of Moses.

The area in Bandipur, Kashmir where the Grave of Moses lies, is just a few miles away from POK or Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, and this trail is often used by the Taliban group being a remote crossing between countries. Though it is highly not recommended for trekking within this area, you can of course visit the Grave of Moses with a large group of people and with a knowledgeable local guide hired from an authorized J&K Tourism Office as this still poses as a dangerous troubled area due to Taliban militants sneaking their way through these forested trails.

his Grave of Moses exactly matches the Biblical description and it is nothing more than pure magic to be able to see, feel and touch the Holy Grave of Moses, an important figure in the history of the Holy Bible, from where the story of religious prophesies began. 

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