Burzahama Ruins

The ancient Burzahama Ruins, also spelled as Burza Hama ruins, are situated in the northwestern end of Kashmir which is about 24 kms in distance from Shalimar Road in Srinagar and about 16 kms in distance from the Naseem Bagh Road in Srinagar and hence is easily accessible from different corners of the state and neighbouring cities.

Burza Hama ruins reveal the unique cultural and traditional settlements of a bygone era that is considered as the only one of its kind in Kashmir not seen anywhere else in the country and the world alike. Excavations of the remains of the Neolithic civilization were segregated into 4 sections according to archaeologists to signify earthen utensils, bone utensils and related tools, mud settlements, and raw bricks.

Amidst these sections of the Burza Hama ruins, the 4th or last segment reveals the existence of an ancient history which dates earlier than the Harwan Buddhist settlement ruins seen in Srinagar. Stone art reveal certain carvings that depicts the Hunting game shooting of the rare Hangul or Kashmir Deer under a Sun to show indicate the time of the day as being an afternoon.

The Burza Hama ruins were once an ancient Karewa settlement that dates back to the Neolithic age. Excavation held at this site in Kashmir was conducted by the Archaeological Department of the Government of India in 1961 revealing a number of relics and artifacts including ancient utensils. They signify the existence of an ancient civilization that has also been preserved well in the National Museum of Kolkata, India.

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