Awantipura Ruins

The Awantipura Ruins in Pahalgam, J&K reflects the devotion of Emperor Avantivarman [also spelled as Awantivarman], who ruled over the Jammu & Kashmir region during the 9th Century AD. He had the Shrine of Awantipura erected amidst the lush green valleys of Jammu & Kashmir, a definite place of utmost peace and tranquility for all devotees to enjoy the spiritual presence of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, who are also known as the two prime presiding deities of the Awantipura Temple.

Awantipura is a small town situated on the right riverbanks of Jhelum and just between the Srinagar to Pahalgam road. It is placed at a distance of about 30 kms from the main city of Srinagar in Kashmir.

Awantipura was founded by King Avantivarman, who ruled the region of J&K between 854 AD and 883 AD. It can therefore be termed as an ancient place that was named after the founder in his honour. Legend has that the ancient Temple of Awantipura bears the imprints of all the Rulers or Kings who once dominated the land of Jammu & Kashmir over 1100 years ago, which is almost 11 centuries of historical and heritage evidence.

This temple of Awantipura has witnessed quite a number of regular ravages owing to the change in time ever since its inception during the early 13th Century. What we get to see today are the Awantipura Ruins in Pahalgam, Srinagar that once was a thriving site of religious significance to the entire region and especially Emperor Avantivarman.

The ruins of Awantipura Temple in Jammu & Kashmir still hold a high place of heritage importance amongst its inhabitants and history enthusiasts. Primarily visited by devotees and tourists as well, these ruins do carry tales of a bygone era and about the religious beliefs of the ancient people of Jammu & Kashmir who would gather within its premises to seek blessings of the two deity Hindu Lords.

Awantipura stands still and tall within a verdant valley surrounded by utmost grandeur and a mystique aura. The ruins of Awantipura are considered as a tourist destination of Jammu & Kashmir that lures in tourists from across the globe in large numbers and throughout the year seeking solace within the scenic landscapes and serene environ of this site.

The Awantipura ruins have carved a position for itself in the line of religious and pilgrim destinations of Kashmir showcasing glimpses of an ancient belief that symbolizes a gamut of diverse religious cluster of India residing harmoniously under a common roof.

Awantipura is one such shrine in the contours of Jammu & Kashmir pilgrim tourism that is not only visited by the local Hindu devotees but also by many who belong to varied religious faiths. The site of the Awantipura Temple ruins features two Imposing Temples, one is a larger Shiva Avantisvara Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva and is characterized by massive walls situated half a mile below Awantipura, towards the outskirts of Jaubror Village while 900 meters away is the better preserved but smaller temple named Vishnu Avantisvami, primarily devoted to Lord Shiva. The other shrines within the Awantipura Temple complex are seen established towards the rear corner of the courtyard.

The Awantipura Temple complex seems to have lost its opulence since its inception and now is simply reduced to remnants with a few portions still intact and visited by devout followers. Though in ruins, this temple complex is highly revered by their devotees and believers, who still visit this temple just to pay their obeisance to their Gods, almost all year round and especially during major religious fairs and festivals.

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