Angling / Fishing in Kashmir

Angling in Kashmir is a must-do activity made possible due to the snow-clad mountains of Kashmir which gave way to many sparkling streams, thus luring anglers to Kashmir, especially during spring time and summers. Rightly referred to as the angler's paradise as well, Kashmir holds a network of glacier-covered streams and rivers, and high altitude lakes that are home to an abundant population of two trout varieties that includes the rainbow trout and brown trout.

These Trout were introduced to the streams of Kashmir by the British way back during the early 20th Century. As the years went by, the trout varieties established themselves within the torrential mountain streams of Kashmir that cascades down from the Pir Panjal Ranges and the outer Himalayas as well. By the time it was 1920, the trout population was thriving in the rivers of Brinji, Eric, Lidder, Madhumati, Nambal, and Sindh making way for excellent angling opportunities especially in the streams of Lidder and Sindh, known for housing the best trout in Kashmir.

For fishing activities in Kashmir, you would need to obtain a permit from the Department of Fisheries situated in Srinagar, however, do note that certain conditions may also apply with respect to the use of baits, the timeslot for fishing, and so forth. Do note that fly fishing and fly rods are permitted whereas spinning rod or reel and live baits are prohibited completely.

Numerous beats are reachable from Srinagar within a two-hour drive while a few high altitude beats can be reached by trekking. Anglers are required to reserve a fishing beat, which is a territory where they are licensed to camp and enjoy fishing. The trout you fish out must measure a minimum of 7.5 centimeters long, or 3 inches, for it to be legal and anglers are allowed to keep up to a maximum of 6 trout per day only. Also note that catch-and-release fishing is absolutely prohibited, so you must fish your trout out at any cost.

Here is the contact information for the Directorate of Fisheries:
Address: 77, Gogji Bagh, Near J&K Bank Training School, Srinagar, Kashmir, India
Phone: +91 – 194 – 2313 378 & +91 – 194 – 2312 046
Fax: +91 – 194 – 2313 100

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