Kargil is ideally situated at the heart of the great Himalayas, perched at an altitude of 2,704 meters above sea level, and is approachable by road, about 205 kms from Srinagar, Kashmir.

Kargil is almost taken over by its neighbouring country, Pakistan, but it still serves as a perfect tourist destination for adventure and outdoor activities seekers with trekking as one of the most popular outdoor undertaking.

Trekking in Kargil takes you through some of the most exotic locales of J&K, where you get to experience some of the most excellent and finest sights of architectural excellences, situated at close proximity to Kargil and the border region of India.

Kargil can also be accessed from the eastern end of Leh, situated about 234 km away. It is considered as the second largest city of Kashmir and also the headquarters of the district of Kargil, which bears the same name.

Kargil had once served as an important center for trade and transportation between the Pan-Asian trade networks. There were once many traders travelling to and from Tibet, China, Yarkand, and Kashmir, who would regularly pass through Kargil carrying with them some of the most exquisite goods inclusive of rare silk, carpets, brocade, carpets, poppy, tea, ivory, and many more whereas today, the Kargil passageway merely serves as an overnight stop for tourists traveling between Leh and Srinagar in Kashmir.

Traversing through Kargil offers you with some of the rarest sights to witness. Blessed with ancient heritage attributes and trade routes, this region has more to offer with unexplored regions to discover, apart from being a wonderfully scenic and serene destination in North India.

Kargil is truly gifted with an absolutely mesmerizing Himalayan Ranges as its backdrop, spanning across the heart of this region, transforming it into an almost surreal paradise-like environ. Owing to its strategic location, Kargil exudes an enormous potential for adventure sports and activities with many trails to explore and experience.

Kargil also serves as an important take off point for a number of adventure tours into the Himalayan abode and is also the base camp station for commencing your trek to the amazing Zanskar Valley in Leh. The Suru Valley basin also forms an integral feature of its landscape, making this region even more intriguing to survey through.

The Suru River witnesses a convergence of two streams named Drass and Wakha that feeds it with enough water for cultivation purposes of wheat, barley, peas and a number of other cereals, and vegetables with extensively grown high quality apricots as its specialty here. As the Apricots ripens, the entire valley transforms from white into hues of flaming orange, filling the air with the sweet fragrance of this rare fruit in India and hence, one can enjoy a hoard of delicious apricots and take back home a few bottles of apricot jam as well.

Apart from Trekking and Hiking into the Himalayas, Kargil also offers tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the popular archery contest, which held every year during the month of May.

Kargil also features traditional shops that retail the famous Pashmina shawls, woolen handicrafts, and local carpets of exquisite beauty and uniqueness to choose from. Apart from the enchanting and scintillating landscape, there are a number of tourist attractions in Kargil such as the famous Mulbekh Gompa Buddhist Monastery, which is situated 45 kms from Kargil. This Monastery exudes an exquisite architectural fascination depicting magnificent murals and incredible statues while the other fine examples of architectural brilliance are the Imambara at Trespone and Imambara at Sankhoo, both in Kargil and a real photographer’s delight.

Kargil is easily accessible by regular bus services plying from Srinagar and Leh. Also note that winters are extremely cold and hence not apt for sightseeing in Kargil and hence, the best time to visit Kargil is during the summer season between May and June only. So, it is highly recommended to book your accommodation in advance at any of the Private Hotels or J&K TDC huts in Srinagar, Kashmir and take a short excursion to Kargil from the main city of Srinagar to experience better comfort and vacation tour options.

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