Mubarak Mandi Complex

Mubarak Mandi Palace Complex is probably the oldest building in Jammu that extends its existence way back to 1824. Jammu is in fact, separated by River Tawi with the Old City placed on one side and the New City on the other side while this ancient Palace Complex magnificently displays itself perpendicularly along the edge of a towering cliff within the Old City of Jammu.

The Mubarak Mandi Complex commands a spectacular view of the calm and majestic River Tawi that cascades along one side while the New City of Jammu spreads over the other side of its riverbanks.

Known for its grandeur and beauty, Mubarak Mandi Complex is the heritage pride of Jammu that was once the seat of the Dogra Rulers over the centuries. The Palace complex is also known for its remarkable and exquisite architectural excellence that reveals a perfect blend of extravagant Rajasthan, and Mughal influences.

Steeped with History, the Mubarak Mandi Complex in Jammu is a well preserved Heritage Site of Jammu & Kashmir that carries with it a pride of around 150+ years of culture and tradition. Once, known as the royal residence of the Dogra Kings of Kashmir, this Palace Complex today, is seen housing a number of government offices and courts that accounts to 76 in number inclusive of the Royal Secretariat of Jammu.

The Mubarak Mandi Complex buildings are successively fringed around a large central courtyard that features an ornamented lush garden. Apart from the offices, this Palace Complex also features extended galleries and large halls that are extensively used for hosting public events and official functions or ceremonies.

The Mubarak Mandi Palace Complex was strategically constructed on the hillock to give way to an uninterrupted panorama view of the River Tawi flowing on one side and is also sandwiched between the old city of Jammu and the New City of Jammu on the other side for security and fortifying reasons.

The oldest building that was first constructed within the Mubarak Mandi Complex dates back to 1824 revealing an architectural amalgamation of Rajasthan, Mughal, and a typical 17th Century European influence. Each design is elaborate, opulent, and intrinsic with extensively symmetrical embellishments that marks this magnificent Palatial Complex amongst one of the best architectural pieces of Jammu & Kashmir, a truly delightful sight to behold.

One of the most stunning sections of the Mubarak Mandi Palace Complex is the Sheesh Mahal that translates to 'Palace of Mirrors'. Holding true to its name this is an erstwhile Palace Hall completely embedded with mirrors in varied shapes and intrinsic designs. Known today as the Pink Hall, it houses the Dogra Art Museum or Dogra Art Gallery that holds a variety of miniature paintings depicting various Hill Schools while also showcasing the extraordinary history, tradition, and culture of Jammu & Kashmir.

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