Bagh-e-Bahu Aquarium

The Aquarium of Bagh – e – Bahu is situated within the Bagh-I-Bahu area of Jammu. This Aquarium is regarded as the largest underground aquarium in India that lures a large number of tourists every year.

A must-visit in the Travel itinerary of any person visiting Jammu, the Bagh–e–Bahu Aquarium is a top favourite amongst kids who cannot wait for their holidays to come by so that they can enjoy the sights of this aquarium.

Besides students and children, the Aquarium of Bagh – e – Bahu is also a popular tourist destination in Jammu visited by tourists from across the country and abroad as well. This aquarium is the centre of attraction for locals and tourists alike, offering them with the opportunity to indulge amidst the exotic sights of this rather unique aquatic site.

The Bagh–e–Bahu Aquarium is also an edutainment and awareness center offering people and their kids with the chance to learn about the aquatic world and their survival needs. This aquarium and edutainment centre features 24 aquarium caves of which 13 smaller aquarium caves houses a large population of freshwater fish while the 2 larger aquarium caves houses marine water fish. The remaining 9 medium sized aquarium caves contain both freshwater and marine aquatic life.

The Aquarium of Bagh–e–Bahu features world class and state-of-the-art equipments to support all the 24 aquarium caves and their life sources. The aquarium centre also includes a public gallery, a conference hall equipped with multimedia and related technology, a museum, and laboratory.

The entrance of this unique Bagh–e–Bahu Aquarium is designed in the shape of a gaping fish mouth through which you enter the centre while the exit routes out through the tail of the fish, striking an almost surreal experience.

The Bagh–e–Bahu Aquarium Museum features over 400 varieties of marine life and freshwater fish that are kept on display for viewing purposes. A must-visit, this is probably the only altitude-based aquarium in India that is distinct in every aspect and is sure to offer you with one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

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