Akhnoor Fort

Akhnoor Fort is situated in the historic town of Akhnoor which is located on the Jammu – Poonch National Highway places at a distance of about 28 kms from Jammu. The Fort stands at a distance of about 4 kms from the main town of Akhnoor at a quiet location.

This beautiful ancient fort of Akhnoor is perched at a height of 301 meters or 988 feet above surface level and formidably stands along the right riverbanks of the mighty Chenab River that originates along the plains at Akhnoor.

Akhnoor Fort is surrounded by the scenic landscapes of the majestic Shivalik Range and the Trikuta Mountain Ranges on its Northern and Eastern sides lending one of the most breathtaking sights to view.

Akhnoor Fort is considered as one of the most beautiful historical places to visit in Jammu. It is also believed that the Pandavas, of the epic Mahabharata, had once stayed in the caves of Akhnoor near the Fort when they were on exile.

This Fort was constructed during the early 19th century and stands along the right bank of the River Chenab therefore commands a stunning view of the Chenab River and its surrounding lush landscapes. The Fort in fact stands on an ancient site that is known to date back to the Harappan period. The Fort also features a two-storey Palace on its southern side with walls facing the large central courtyard depicting arches and murals of an ancient era that once thrived within these walls.

A scenic walk along the well lit park of Akhnoor is a remarkable experience to remember. This small but stunning garden spans along the circumference of the riverbanks of Chenab beginning from Jiya Pota Ghat and stretching up to Parashurama Temple lending one of the most scenic sights to see, especially during nightfall. Other ancient sites of religious significance also dot this town, of which, the famous one is the Parashurama Temple.

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