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Sightseeing in Jammu is the best opportunity for tourists to admire the region’s scenic beauty that surrounds the tourist attractions, heritage sites and pilgrim destinations of Jammu.

Jammu is home to several picturesque facets and historical delights that make it one of the sought after tourist destination in India. It features lush green landscapes and a vibrant yet tranquil environ that made way for the numerous heritage sites and ancient religious temples.

Jammu was once a well fortified region of the Hindu Dogra Rulers therefore, it is but obvious that religious and heritage sites are evident in abundance. Pilgrimage centers, ancient temples, and its scenic grandeur set against a splendid background of the Himalayas and untouched forest confinements are a definite lure for tourist from across the globe.

Attractions in Jammu serve the best way to enjoy a memorable vacation in this enchanting resort destination of India which is worth exploring in every aspect. Jammu being the winter capital of the state beckons tired city dwellers to its abode by offering a range of options to stay, relax, and experience the true splendour of nature at its best.

Tourist sites like the Ranbir Canal, situated about 2 km from the Jammu city center, is famous for its small garden that serves as a perfect venue for picnics especially during the summer season when temperatures in Jammu can really get high. Despite the high temperatures in summer Ranbir Canal remains icy cold all-year-round. It also features good walkways and offers excellent viewpoints that draw tourists to its site.

Jammu sightseeing tours offer ample retreats and chances for visitors to explore its scenic territories and the region’s surrounding areas but through an authorized and legal tour specialist who can take care of all the legal aspects pertaining to certain regions in Jammu requiring special permits to enter or visit.

Tucked away at the foothills of the majestic Himalayan ranges, Jammu is a land of attractions and places to visit therefore, any Jammu sightseeing tour will allow you to experience its exquisite landscapes and ancient heritage wealth as well as capture these moments in your camera or camcorder to take back home and cherish for life.

Tourist Attractions in Jammu

Akhnoor Fort is situated in historic town of Akhnoor placed at a distance of about 32 kms from Jammu. This Fort was constructed during the early 19th century and stands along the right bank of the River Chenab therefore commands a stunning view of the Chenab River and its surrounding lush landscapes. The Fort in fact stands on an ancient site that is known to date back to the Harappan period. The Fort also features a two-storey Palace on its southern side with walls depicting arches and murals and faces the central courtyard. read more about Akhnoor Fort

Bahu Fort is located about 5 kms from the city centre of Jammu. It formidably stands on a rocky hill situated on the left bank of the River Tawi. This Fort is most likely the oldest forts in this region and dates back some 3,000 years ago. Bahu Fort was erected by Raja Bahulochan and was later extended and improved upon by the Dogra Kings. The fort features the Bagh-e-Bahu terraced garden that surrounds the fort including Bagh-e-Bahu Aquarium which is the largest underground aquarium in India. read more about Bahu Fort

Bagh – e – Bahu Aquarium in Jammu is known as largest underground aquarium of India and is placed within the Bagh-I-Bahu area of Jammu. Every year, this Aquarium draws a large number of tourists and is a must-visit for any person visiting Jammu. This aquarium also acts as an edutainment centre and awareness centre for school kids and also features a museum. read more about Bagh-e-Bahu Aquarium

Bhimgarh Fort or the Reasi Fort is situated near Reasi about 64 kms northwest of Jammu. Perched on a hillock set at a height of about 150 meters high, this fort offers excellent views of the surrounding region. Bhimgarh Fort was constructed of clay but was later strengthened with stones by one of the heirs of Maharaj Rishipal Rana who was the founder of Reasi. During insurgencies, the royal family would take shelter in this fort. The fort houses varied rooms, an armory, treasury, temple, and a pond. read more about Bhimgarh Fort

Mubarak Mandi Complex dates backs some 150 years ago that was once the residence of the Dogra Royal family and Dogra Rulers. This complex features an intricate design built as group of mansions set around the courtyard which was later increased in size by the Dogra Kings. The Mubarak Mandi Complex homes a 76 government offices, courts, museum, galleries, and function halls for official, social and private gatherings and events. read more about Mubarak Mandi Complex

Ramnagar Palace is situated at Udhampur in Jammu and was constructed by Raja Suchet Singh, who was the brother of the Ruler of Jammu, Maharaja Gulab Singh. He was presented the town of Ramnagar as a Jaagir or fief in 1822 by the Ruler of Jammu after which he built this Palace as his residential complex. The Palace features a Sheesh Mahal or Mirrored Hall and depicts Rajasthan and Mughal architectural influences. The palace features some of the finest European style wall paintings of the Pahari School. read more about Ramnagar Palace

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