Lakes in Jammu

Jammu might not have the mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir, but it definitely holds a treasure of natural water bodies and Lakes including enchanting sights owing to its perfect setting against the backdrop of the mighty Himalayas. This lends Jammu with ample picturesque presence that makes it probably one of the best places to visit in India and so does the two stunning Lakes in Jammu.

Jammu features two of most scintillating Lakes that sparkle and glisten when touched by the warmth of the sun rays. The Lakes in Jammu have most likely become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jammu & Kashmir gifted with breathtaking beauty that calmly nestles amidst an astounding serenity of its verdant surroundings.

Jammu Lakes also serve as the primary source of livelihood for the locals of Jammu and are the primary source of water for the migratory and endemic birds who visit these lakes every year to feed as breed as well, thus making them a haven for bird watchers.

Jammu is distinguished by its gentle fields and green meadows, rivers and streams and especially the Lakes in Jammu that form a vital part of the eco-system of Jammu & Kashmir. These Jammu Lakes are somewhat reminiscent of a past that once existed centuries ago and hence are of historical significance to this region in particular.

The Lakes in Jammu have managed to retain their old world charm and presence of a Mughal, Persian and Colonial past that once thrived around Jammu & Kashmir. While Pony rides offer trips to summit points and tourist spots that are intriguing, the Lakes in Jammu offer quiet nature walks along its banks fringed with immense greenery which is indeed tempting for couples visiting Jammu.

The mist-laden Lakes in Jammu offer one of the most memorable experiences amidst their serenity coupled with views of soaring tall forest trees spanning seamlessly across a scenic expanse that engulfs the foothills of the Himalayan Ranges.

The Lakes in Jammu are a definite inclusion in any travel itinerary making them even more significant to the Tourism worth of Jammu & Kashmir. A visit to the two mesmerizing Jammu Lakes named as Mansar Lake and Surinsar Lake are a part of several Jammu & Kashmir Sightseeing Tour packages that must be booked well in advance and from an authorized J&K Tourism Office. Boating facilities and nature walks are some of the activities that you can indulge in during your trip to these lakes.

List of Lakes of Jammu

Mansar Lake is aptly placed at a distance of 62 kms from Jammu. It is known for its vastness and beauty which is truly mesmerizing. The surroundings of the beautiful Mansar Lake are lined with forest-clad hills while the lake itself stretches over a mile long and half-a-mile wide. This part of Jammu is a popular excursion destination in Jammu and considered as a sacred site linked to a fascinating mythological legend that somewhat explains the belief in the sanctity of the Mansarovar Lake. read more about Mansar Lake

Surinsar Lake is conveniently placed at a trekking distance of 9 kms from Mansar Lake. This is a small yet picturesque Lake in Jammu that features an island right at the center of the Lake. Due to religious beliefs, boating facilities and swimming are prohibited in this Lake, however, Surinsar Lake does offer ample opportunity for bird watching. read more about Surinsar Lake

Lakes of Jammu

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