Bhaderwah is a small scenic town valley situated in Doda of Jammu and Kashmir, India and is ideal for an enjoyable excursion tour from Jammu. The Bhaderwah valley is mostly dominated by mountains with a tropical climate situated about 80 kms from the town of Batote in Patnitop. April witnesses the snow melting away thus, inviting visitors, locals and tourists alike, with a warm welcome, to enjoy the festive mood of this district sprouting with verdant greenery in all directions.

The Kailash Parbat Yatra is a famous pilgrimage event which is organised in the Bhaderwah valley considered as an important Hindu pilgrimage often receiving a massive influx of pilgrims and believers. Bhaderwah is dressed with a diverse landscape, colourful local fairs and festivals, a distinct motley culture, not forgetting its extremely vibrant and pleasant summer temperature ranging between 18 degrees C to 32 degrees C, which are the main factors to lure tourists converting this region into one of the best tourist attractions in Jammu.

Bhaderwah is commonly referred to as the Chhota-Kashmir or ‘Mini-Kashmir’ owing to its mesmerizing natural beauty that lures any visitor to its abode. Bhaderwah is referred to as the ‘Nagon ki Bhoomi’ or ‘Land of Snakes', an enchanting picturesque valley, which is perched at an altitude of 6,500 feet. It features a series of dense coniferous forest lands that spans across all sides of this Valley with the gushing Chinta Nallah flowing right through it.

Bhaderwah is blessed with a number of scenic tourist spots that are scattered around this valley that includes Thuba, which is situated across the Chinta Nallah Stream. One can also enjoy Horse riding from Baggan to the highest point in Thuba, which separates Bhaderwah valley from the Chinta Valley and where the ancient Lord Shiva Temple is situated.

About 6 km short of Chinta Valley, along the Bhadarwah to Chinta Road link, you will notice a curb that leads you directly uphill, towards the famous Subarnag Peak, crowned by the renowned Subarnag Temple. This Temple is set atop an altitude of 10,200 feet that commands a spectacular view of the entire region of Bhaderwah and Chinta Valley while the spread of lush green and undulating vast grasslands spread around this site, is a sight to behold.

Soej Meadow is considered as one of the most beautiful sites in Bhaderwah and the pride of Jammu owing to its mesmerizing beauty found in abundance whichever direction you lay your eyes on. Towards the southern end is the sacred Kailash Kund surrounded by snow-clad mountain peaks. You can enjoy a trek to Kailash Kund that covers a series of unique landscape sights as your approach Shankh Paddar. The Soej Meadow is flanked by a pristine river that flows on its western end seen emanating from hills that surrounds Kailash Kund and continues towards Ramnagar of Udhampur district, while the landscape surrounding this river can be compared to the scenic beauty of Pahalgam, a stunning sight indeed. The eastern side of Soej Meadows witnesses an endless stretch of grasslands. Also locally known as Seoj Dhar, this Meadow is ideal as a camping ground for many pilgrims, who travel from near and far lands, to pay a visit to the famous Kailash Yatra via Bhaderwah.

Padri is another site of undulating lush landscape situated on the Bhaderwah to Chamba Roadlink and about 40 km from Bhaderwah. This stunning Gali is set at an altitude of 10,500 feet, known as the highest point on the Bhaderwah – Chamba Road. During winters, Padri experiences heavy snow fall reaching up to 5 meters in dept and as the summer approaches, snow-melting continues right through to mid June. Padri is famous for its picnic spots and with the Bhaderwah to Chamba Interstate bus service available now, Padri has become even more accessible with a large influx of tourists, on increase. You can enjoy the sights and relax on the gentle curves and slopes of the Padri hills dressed with pristine beauty and a verdant carpet of grass. Its serene environ enveloped with green meadows witnesses thousands of pilgrims, every year during the months of July, making a stopover at Padri, before they continue on their journey to Mani-Mahesh Yatra pass. The chance to experience the natural beauty of this region is further enhanced by a thrilling horse ride around these meadows while future plans are in place to develop facilities for trekkers in Padri.

On your trip to Bhaderwah, you can enjoy exploring an unexplored, called as Sartingal, which is situated on the extreme southern end of the Bhadarwah Valley. Blessed with adequate Sunshine and a gush of fragrant breeze emanating from the Ashapati Hills, Kailash, and neighbouring forest areas, Sartingal exhibits a distinct aura which can be attributed as an apt tourist spot in Jammu. Enveloped with undulating plains and water bodies, Sartingal Valley is fed by crystal clear streams canvassed with a backdrop of forest-covered mountains that adds to the sheer delight of visitors. Sartingal offers a visual display of the blissful natural ambience set amidst utmost tranquility that unfolds to all visitors who want to be closer to nature and enjoy the chaste beauty found in abundance.

Jai Valley is another picturesque tourist spot in Jammu, situated about 35 km from Bhaderwah. This extremely scenic valley spans across 6 km of pristine and lush green surroundings, a definite tourist attraction in Jammu owing to its verdant sprawling meadows apt for picnics and relaxation.

Khani Top is located about 25 km from Bhaderwah and has all the potential of becoming an excellent picnic spot in Jammu. This site is ideal for trekkers as a convenient launching and camping site for further expedition up to the Ashapati Peak that shares its border with Himachal Pradesh. Set amidst lush greenery, Khani Top offers visitors with a spread of splendid, scenic sights especially during sunrise and sunsets.

Bhal Padri is yet another scenic valley which is not known to many. This valley features an intersection of streams and rivulets that further enhances its charm transforming it into a surreal site. Situated about 4 kms northeast of Padri, Bhal Padri exhibits a unique verdant landscape embedded with numerous miniature valleys intercepted by hundreds of pristine streams and rivulets continuously traversing through this composite picturesque valley along its length.

Nalthi Basti is situated about 10 km from Bhaderwah and serves as a base camp for many trekkers on a hike to the mountains. This has become a converging point for all trekkers with the establishment of the Bhaderwah-Bani-Basholi Road link. Trekkers arriving from Sarthal in Bani and from Bhaderwah, after a descent from an altitude of 10,500 feet, often stop over Nalthi Basti for an overnight rest while getting the chance to enjoy its stunning sites. Blessed with dense deodar forest lands, Nalthi Basti is truly gifted with verdant grassland patches studded with a vibrant variety of blossoming fragrant plants and flowers. In addition, the cool breeze flowing across from the backdrop of snow-clad mountains makes this place even more fascinating, especially during the summer seasons.

Set about 10 Km from Bhaderwah Valley is a small town, nestling amidst thick black deodar forest lands called as Hanga. This is indeed a fine picturesque tourist spot placed along the riverbanks of Hanga Nallah, which is characterized by crystal clear water gushing in rhythms to produce an ideal musical ambience. Hanga was the main highlight of the 1980's ‘Noorie’ blockbuster Hindi movie filming site that showcases the natural beauty of this place and also depicted the culture of Bhaderwah in its finest best worldwide.

Hanga is an ideal camping site that attracts adventure enthusiasts from across the globe visiting with the main aim to enjoy 2 to 3 nights of stay amidst the wilderness of an unexplored flora and fauna of Hanga in Jammu. Trekkers would often trek from the nearby Noorie Village up to the high-altitude Devchater Meadow, set at a height of 15,000 feet. From here, they descend into the stunning Kalar Valley hiking via Chilly Village, where inhabitants still follow the ancient culture, tradition, economy, and primitive lifestyle of this mountainous valley. The Kalar Valley belt is popular for its agricultural lands and terraced rice fields including Horticulture, orchards of apple and pear trees that is found in abundance. Recently the Dugga area of the Kalar belt has been growing the cut flowers gladiolus and tulip. The area has many stone carved, idols and is culturally vibrant.

After an enjoyable time of trekking and excursion around Bhaderwah region, you can stroll amidst the thick coniferous forests of Bhaderwah which is always refreshing and rejuvenating. Bhaderwah valley is blessed with chaste scenic beauty and all places of tourist interest, situated at a conveniently accessible distance. The snow-surmounted peaks of Ashapati and Kailash as its ideal background transforms Bhaderwah Valley into a tourist delight. Visitors are wonder-struck and amazed by its truly inspiring picturesque locales to make anyone fall in love with Bhaderwah in an instant.

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