Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is popularly known as the 'Paradise of India' and 'Switzerland of Asia' and is situated on the northern most part of India with Jammu as its winter capital and Srinagar as its summer capital.

Jammu & Kashmir is embedded with stunning green landscapes, beautiful Mountains, Rivers, Streams, Snow Deserts and verdant Forests that are home to a variety of fauna and flora species. This 'Paradise on Earth' region is famous worldwide for its mesmerizing and enchanting beauty. It is abundant with natural resources and blessed with a pleasing salubrious climate that lures tourists to its abode.

Dotted with monasteries, shrines, mosques and temples, Jammu & Kashmir has a spiritual appeal apt for pilgrim tours

Jammu & Kashmir Tourism

Aptly named as 'Paradise on Earth', Jammu and Kashmir Tourism has flourished since many years owing to its pristine lakes, gardens, streams and stunning verdant landscapes that is ideal for a holiday and weekend getaway. Jammu & Kashmir is endowed with natural beauty and amazing scenic sights placed in the Himalayas making it a popular ground for...

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Jammu and Kashmir Flora and Fauna

Jammu & Kashmir is already blessed with natural scenic beauty and the Flora & Fauna can only add to its charm and tourism worth. The region is blessed with varied vegetation owing to its rich soil types and adequate rainfall coupled with a favourable climate that assist to retain the lush greenery of its landscape, forests and thriving wildlife habitat and resources. You might also be interested in exploring Uttarakhand travel guide on euttaranchal.com.

Jammu and Kashmir is rich with aplenty flora that includes vegetation and forest lands filled with many hues of wood. The trees present themselves in various enchanting colours through the different seasons wherein autumn brings out the most breathtaking sights to witness. Chinar is considered one of the most magnificent trees that is abound throughout the Kashmir valley and grows to gigantic width and length. Almond, Cider, Deodar, Fir, Pine, Poplar, Walnut and Willow Trees also forms a part of the rich flora of the region.

The Jammu & Kashmir Forests offer an excellent shelter for the numerous animals and birds species as well. Jammu & Kashmir flora and fauna also comprises of rare and endangered species found only in this region including common Indian species such as the Barking Deer, Himalayan Black Boar, Musk Deer, Neelgai, Rhesus Monkey and the Snow Leopards. read more about Jammu & Kashmir Flora and Fauna

Jammu & Kashmir National Parks

Jammu & Kashmir are abound with a number of National Parks also known as Wildlife Sanctuaries or Forest Reserves that are enclosed within large hectares of heavily forested areas within the lowlands of the Himalayan mountains and wetlands of the region.

As you scout through the Jammu & Kashmir National Parks, you will discover a treasure-trove of habitat that is unique and rare. Dressed with ethereal beauty, these National Parks are majestic, grand and intriguing as well dotted with water bodies that offer a perfect haven for migratory and endemic birds to feed and breed thus adding an unparallel window to bird watching activity.

The Jammu & Kashmir National Parks are well protected and contributes to generating revenue for the State Tourism and the Forest Department thus helping to maintain these Forest Reserves and Sanctuaries and retaining the diverse flora & fauna of the region.
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